The recipient of this year’s UNO-R Leadership Award is Carmen Jesusa Legaspi, BS Mass Communication of the College of Arts and Sciences.
Twenty-eight (28) college graduates will be awarded with UNO-R Loyalty awards during the 73rd Commencement Exercises. The Loyalty Award is given to a graduating student who had started basic education from UNO-R to the level where one would be graduating. One must have been a recipient of High School Loyalty Award in High School to qualify for the College award.
The Loyalty Awardees are:
Aianna Clair S. Abellana-BS Pharmacy;
Jeric E. Basco – BS Mechanical Engineering;
Ian Jim B. Calvo – BS Electronics Engineering;
Trisha Marie F. Clauor-BSED – English;
Luke Hans Gail M. De la Cruz,- BS Electronics Engineering;
John Louie S. Desales – BS Mechanical Engineering;
John David F. Duropan – BS Accounting Technology;
Harrl Joshua Edjan – BS Electronics Engineering;
Jela Espinosa – BS Nursing;
Anika Mae Fierro – BS Accountancy;
Jude Immanuel S. Gallego – BS Mechanical Engineering;
Denise S. Idzenga-BSBA – Marketing Management;
Alkaid Joel Y. Lamig – BS Information System;
Carmen Jesusa B. Legaspi – BS Mass Communication;
Christian Lucena – BS Electronics Engineering;
Areen Mae V. Reyes – BS Medical Technology;
Anthony S. Scion – BS Civil Engineering;
Carlos Jr. B. Senador – BS Civil Engineering;
Vanessa Mae V. Sibay – BS Medical Technology;
John Gabriel M. Singson – BS Information Technology;
Naren Jan E. Su-ay – BS Mechanical Engineering;
Maria Angela B. Tañoso – BS Medical Technology;
Jurley J. Tejero- BS Mechanical Engineering;
Rigil Kent T. Velasco – BS Mechanical Engineering;
Arianne Loise S. Villarente – BS Pharmacy;
John Benedict A. Villena – BS Medical Technology;
Christian Paolo E. Yanguas – BS Civil Engineering;
Patrick Dave V. Yulo – BS Hospitality Management.

Recipients of the ST. NICHOLAS OF TOLENTINE SERVICE AWARD are from the Children of Mary:
Darla Marie C. Dadivas – BS Medical Technology;
Fritzie Hundana – BS Chemical Engineering;
Ivy J. Jauod – BS Pharmacy;
Judy Anne M. Lumogdang – BS Computer Engineering;
Ludivine B. Magbanua – BS Pharmacy;
Ma. Beniana Carmen P. Puig – BS Medical Technology;
from Student Catholic Action of the Philippines:
Mary Loraine D. Abdon – AB Psychology;
Pia Mharty A. Acebuche – BS Accounting Technology;
Leonelyn F. Asong – BSBA – Business Management;
Precy G. Ballados – BS Accounting Technology;
Angelica C. Brito – BS Electronics Engineering;
Denise l. Clarite – BS Accountancy;
Michaela M. De la Rosa – BS Psychology;
Rheign G. Distrito -BSBA – Business Management;
Jean Dianne C. Gromo – AB Psychology;
Nestly Joyce B. Nepangue -BSBA – Business Management;
Jilian Nicole I. Salvacion-BSBA – Banking;
Johnny Jade D. Veniegas -BSBA – Marketing Management.
(data from Office of the VP-Student Welfare)