In the first event, the Intercollegiate Debate, Juan Carlos Magalona and Steven Kent Quizon whom are both first year Medical Technology students won the first place followed by Chilton Al Egca and Tisha Celine Ocampo who are both Interns was awarded second place. The three teams along with Riverside College tackled the debate’s main concern on whether the confidentiality of HIV+ patients should be revealed. Next, on the Intercollegiate Research Proposal Competition, Ariane Aristosa, Tisha Ocampo, Areen Reyes, Uriel Lamela and Terrence Jose thoroughly presented and defended their research proposal entitled: In Vitro cytotoxicity of reused cooking oils using brine shrimp (Artemia salina) lethality essay. The HAMBAL TAMBAL where they have invited esteemed guest speakers to tackle on the theme for this year, “BAPOR: Navigating Youth Health Mentality into a Healthier Society.” Provided talks that were both informative and at the same time inspiring. It provided a sense of introspection about the self and provided information on the health care systems and issues the country is currently facing. Lastly, on the Quiz Bee competition, Peachy Deocares, John Mark Mondia, and Axel Crisostomo who are Interns proved their prowess and aptitude on specific categories given and garnered as second place. TAMBAL 2018 by the 2nd La Salle MD Health Colloquium was held last Monday, September 24, 2018 at the University of St. La Salle – Mutien Marie Auditorium A. The activity was divided into four events; The Intercollegiate Debate, Intercollegiate Research Proposal Competition, HAMBAL TAMBAL, and the Quiz Bee Competition. (News from the College of Allied Medical Health Sciences and Pics courtesy of Peachy Deocares’ and Juan Carlos Magalona’s facebook accounts)