A Board of Review for Venturer Scouts and Anahaw Awardees was held on last September 14-16, 2018 at Bacolod City Council. Different schools participated with the goal for them to advance to the next following ranks; Gold Anahaw grant, Bronze Anahaw grant and the Venturer Scout rank. There were 5 representatives who passed the National Board of Review for Venturer Scouts from the UNO-R TRAILBLAZER SCOUTS. The board passer, Eagle Scout Beah Marie Ganarias SAA, topped the Gold Anahaw Award and was the previous Top 1 when she attended the board of review for Silver Anahaw. One of the board passers who attained the Top 3 for the BOR for Venturer Scout rank was Venturer Scout Reign Josef Basilio. Different scouts originating from the UNO-R Trailblazer were the following: Venturer Scout Juan Karlo Torres, Venturer Scout Hylbert John Genoguin, and Venturer Scout Jonathan Iral Jr. Out of 33 scouts who went to the Board of Review they have persisted and never subsided the difficulties they have confronted. VS Juan Karlo Torres, one of the board passers who passed the board was interviewed about the alocated activity. “Regardless of how I confronted the difficulties I never prevented myself to concentrate increasingly and carrying on from the boundaries that prevents me from passing the board. I never expected that this day would come and I felt upbeat to be here and to be with my fellow scouts who have dependably been there on my side. I might want to take this minute to salute everybody in advance who will be passing the board of review and for those who did not make it, never quit envisioning and be ambitious”, he said. Everybody praised their prosperity for passing the board on September 16, 2018. The majority of the scouts were pleased that they have conveyed themselves to this minute; accomplishing something that they have constantly longed for. “Each significance has its own prosperity, and each man who accompanies extraordinary achievement has its own objective and desire.” a statement that inspired VS Hylbert John Genoguin who passed the leading body of survey for the Venturer Scout rank. He gladly said, “I am pleased to be here and I am pleased to represent my school, as a board passer I am prepared to vanquish any difficulties and face every challenge of the commitments required for this rank, I will be a great role model to my fellow scouts and I will keep following the trail to accomplishment of my forefathers”. All scouts that were present in the activity passed the Board of review and have individually shown their way to success and hardwork. A dream turns into a goal when action is made toward its accomplishment, what you get by achieving your goals isn’t as essential as what you become by achieving. (News from Trailblazer scouts)