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The UNO-R integrated School held separate elections for PAO, Junior High School and Senior High School officers. The Grade School Pupils’ Assembly Organization (PAO) had their election last July 24. Elected officers are:
President – Paola Marie Gabrido
Vice-President – Ashley Monton;
Secretary- Casey Yap;
Treasurer – Sophie Dayot ;
Auditor – Lianne Arevalo ;
PIO – Samantha George Exito;
Business Managers – Rainette Dinah
Samantha Maureen Cabarles;
Sgt.-at-arms – Angela Dillomes and Regine Kate Josue are sergeants –at-arms.

For the Junior High School, the new set of Student Council officers:
Benz Christian Minanga –President;
Breia Ysabel Lizada – Vice President;
April Heart Escaro – Secretary;
Inna Ricci Poblador – treasurer;
Kryz Ezra Victoriano – Auditor;
Arabea Louise Ditchon and Cassandra Maureen Matugas – Business Managers;
Steffanie Swaine Academia – PIO.
The class representatives:
Azhly Marie Antenor and Jef Justine Cataluna (Grade 10);
Mary Cheriz Basa and Phraiann Eialle Cabiles (grade 9);
Casey Jan Baterna and Grechelle Faye Haro (Grade 8); and
Phoebe Joy Lagansoa and Denise Aslyan Martir (Grade 7).

As of press deadline UNO-R IS-SHS had not submitted their data yet. (data from UNO-R IS(Grades 1-10)