The Student Catholic Action of the Philippines (SCAP) UNO-Recoletos College Unit partakes in the 13th International Young Catholic Students (IYCS) Asian Session and Council (ASC) held at the Providence University, City of Taichung, Taiwan on 29th of July to 7th of August 2018.
The official representative for the said event is Beah Marie P. Ganarias, BS Pharmacy I, a student leader from the SCAP UNO-R College Unit. IYCS invites chaplains, animators and student leaders from SCAP as full members to take part in the ASC. The ASC, with its theme, “Students Moved by Faith towards Education of Heart and Environment,” solidifies the campaign in enabling students to grow their local Christian communities. The program aims to create a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences of the different national movements in Asia to foster a stronger student and youth engagement in the Church and society. SCAP provides spiritual formation that produce Christian leaders who will work for social transformation. It design and organize programs and activities that respond to the needs of the school community and the society such as training seminars, retreats and recollections, catechesis, liturgical services, community building activities and other outreach programs through the distinctive use of the “like-on-like” approach, living the See-Judge-Act methodology in achieving it’s purpose.
The movement aims “TO RESTORE ALL THINGS IN CHRIST” through the SCAP Areas of concern which involves: Political, Socio-Economic-Ecological, Religious -Spiritual, Educational-Cultural, and Recreational. The delegate’s relevant experiences in SCAP will give her the opportunity to participate in the program meaningfully and to be globally competitive. Upon her return, she will be reechoing the experience and the things she learned to her fellow SCANS. It will hopefully lead to a committed personal and collective plan of actions as catalyst for future youth involvement for service, leadership and discipleship. (Jean Dianne Cabiles Gromo)