. . . .“CAS and DA unveil “SAVE BOGART project”


Four months ago, a corpse of a healthy tiger was brought to the university to be stuffed by experts from UNO-R. The tiger that is called Bogart is owned by Congressman Albee Benitez. The job was then accepted by the “Saving Bogart” team composed of Dr. Acaba, MBAH, DVM; taxidermist Alma Tan, artist Christian Claur and the faculty and staff of Agrecoletos. After four months of hard work, the project was unveiled during the College of Arts and Sciences General Assembly. The unveiling was led by Rev. Fr. Jose Alden Alipin, OAR, UNO-R Vice President for Academics; Dr. Legaspi, UNO-R Director for External Affairs; Dr. Acaba; Mr. and Dean Claur; and Mrs. Tan. “Bogart” is a symbol of the gifts of spirituality, sensuality, passion, boldness and beauty.