The annual In-Service Training for faculty opened May 3, 2018, at the President’s Hall. Fr. President gave his message to the participants. The first plenary session on Institutional updates was done. Fr. Celiz in his message reminded everyone that we should not just be contented of the status quo, but we need to do our best and to move forward. He further noted that Inset is to provide development for a better work performance and this is a continuing professional training for teachers, and it will fill the gap between the ideal and what exists. He also said that we have to be equipped with all the skills to face the challenges of the next school year – new curriculum, new clients and the new administration. We have to be competitive by developing the human and physical resources of the university. He also thanked the participants for their willingness and readiness to take part in the call for development. Updates on Management Information System was given by Mr. Alvin Mananquil, MSCS; Library Services by Sheila M. de la Cruz, MSLIS; Human Resource Management by Dr. Carmenda Leonoras; and Christopher Taclobos, MEng’g. Topics for Tertiary faculty include Editing Workshop (May 7-9); Social Science Research 1 and 2 (May 10-11); Online Journal System(May 15); Understanding Self and Filipino courses (May15-18); Intellectual Property 1 and Online Journal System (May 16); Instructional Design (may17); Desktop Publishing (May 18); Statistics for Research( May 21); Readings in Phil. History; Science, Society and Technology; Mathematics; Purposive Communication (May 21 – May 25); Art Appreciation; Ethics; Life and works of Rizal; Contemporary world (May 28-31); Intellectual Property 1,2 & 3: Engineering Inventions, Copyright and Commercialization (May 23-25); Mobile Applications for Education (May 28); Web Apps for Education: Collaboration & Gamification (May 29-30); Digital Image Manipulation (May 31). Topics for the Integrated School (Grade School, JHS, and SHS) faculty are Mobil Application; Instructional Design; Web Apps; Digital Image manipulation; Mobile Applications; Child Protection; GENYO Activity; Teaching Strategies; Performance Task Orientation; Assessment; Classroom-based Research; Basic First Aid Training; Digital Manipulation; and Teachers’ Orientation. The INSET will close on May 31.