The Research and Development office held the Research EXPO 2018, April 4, 2018. Poster presentation was at the Main Lobby from 8:30 -11:30 while oral presentation was done at the president’s Hall from 1:30 -5:30. Ribbon cutting was led by RDO Director, Dr. Mona Freda Secondes while the Opening Message was given by Rev. Fr. Don Besana, OAR, VP-Academics. The criteria for judging was read by Mrs. Mely Flores and Dr. Secondes introduced the Board of judges for the Poster presentation. There were eight entries for the Research Poster presentation. During the oral presentation, Fr. VP-Academics gave the message. Dr. Dennis Madrigal and the Integrated School students were guest presenters. There were four entries to the Oral Research presentation. Research titles were: “Marksmanship Skills among Criminology Students” (CAS); Bacterial Profiling of Selected Rivers in Bacolod City” (CAHS); Bacolod City Health TB-DOTS Center (BHTC) Patient Management Information System (CBA); and Pulse Rate and Oxygen Saturation Monitoring Device with Notification Systems (COEN).