NOLITC Administrator Dr. Tina B. Orbecido and NOLITC Registrar Cely Trio brought Australian Skills Institute (ASI) Project Manager Shaun Stenson and Honorable Januario John R. Rivas, AM, Consul –General of the Consulate General of the Philippines to Australia, Darwin, Northern Territory , to UNO-R to discuss a possible partnership between the University and AS, September 27, President’s Conference Room. The team were met by Riza Manalo, PhD, RBGS Dean; Jelyn Gaspillo, PhD, CB&A Dean; Nena Samillano, PhD, Linkages and Partnership officer; Mr. Carlo Coloso, Department Chair of UNO-R HTM program; and Carlos Eduardo Legaspi, Jr, Phd, UNO-R Director for External Affairs. Mr. Rivas presented the possibility of an Australian Partnership while Mr. Stenson presented the programs offered by ASI. Discussions on the possibility of a partnership were done. A memorandum of Understanding between ASI and UNO-R is now under study.