Two Ceremonial Memorandum of Agreement signings were held yesterday August 9,2017.  The MOA between the UNO-R College of Engineering and the Asia Development Center, Association (ADCA) was inked by the Dr. Owen Martir and Mr. Kazutaka Nakao at the office of the Dean of Engineering in the presence of students, faculty and department Chairs.    The MOA between UNO-R College of Arts and Sciences, School of Agriculture and ADCA was signed by Dr. Annabee Claur in the presence of the students and faculty of the School of Agriculture with Department Head, Dr. Corazon Acaba.  The said MOA’s are partnerships between the university and the ADCA in sending UNO-R OJT students to Japan.  ADCA is already on partnership with the College of Business and Accountancy and  has sent three batches of HTM interns to Japan.




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