The Passion for Excellence

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Last commencement exercises, among the many excited candidates for graduation was an exemplary candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education. Looking at her as she mingles through the ocean of black cloaked individuals, she is like any normal candidate for graduation.

Roslyn C. Tayson, a resident of Hinigaran, Negros Occidental walked the walls of her beloved institution for 4 years finishing her degree in Elementary Education. Roslyn is visually – impaired and is accompanied by her mother, a former classroom teacher. Her mother had dedicated her four years untiringly attending classes together with Roslyn. She assisted her in all the notes taking and in filling up the test papers for Roslyn.

Roslyn wanted to be treated like any normal student in the university. She would also recite, participate in classroom discussions, and would even participate in class theater plays. One could see her as a normal student in the campus.

“It was my plan already that when I finished my high school, I will continue my college. I told my parents about my plan but no other school shall I enroll except only at UNO-Recoletos. My wish was granted.”, relates Roslyn. She added that during enrollment it was her teachers in the College of Education who would help fill-up her papers.

After graduation, Roslyn is preparing herself for the Licensure Examination for Teachers (PLET).

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