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Cory is the Mother of the Filipino People. Her “YES” freed the Filipino nation from the grip of tyranny through a peaceful, miraculous and redeeming revolt of EDSA People Power in 1986.

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The Best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time

Valedictory Address
63rd Commencement Exercises

Our university President, Rev. Fr. Sixto M. Bitangjol, OAR, our Vice President for Academics, Rev. Fr. Raul M. Buhay, all the OAR priests and religious administrators, deans and directors of the different colleges and offices, members of the faculty and staff of this institution, our beloved parents, fellow graduates, guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen, Good Evening!

It seems just yesterday, when I first stepped into the imposing portals of this prestigious university. I just can’t imagine that four years had already passed. Four years of college life, 4 years filled with discovering and experiencing the most beautiful and meaningful days of my life. Finally, we have reached the end of our mandatory education. This means reprieve from countless assignments, nerve-wracking quizzes and recitations, and mind squeezing and heartbreaking examinations. I say it’s a reprieve because for those aspiring to reach the highest star, there are more challenges coming and foremost of which is the board exams for many of us.

Crampatanta, May J. (BS Accountancy)

“Forgiven but not Forgotten”

“Forgiven but not Forgotten”


In September 21, 1972 President Ferdinand E. Marcos declared Martial Law through Proclamation No. 1081, the dawn of the darkest days in the history of our republic.


The Priesthood

The Priesthood

Once we go back to the Book of Leviticus, we read the whole Book devoted to the Priests of the Old Testament – the Levites.  The tribe was chosen by God to sanctify Him by bringing His people near to Him. Members of this tribe would end up as high priests of Israel. The Hebrews believe that it is Yahweh that has chosen a soul to be his sanctifier and placed him into the tribe of Levi.