Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) Program, the most integrative of all computing disciplines, focuses on preparing graduates who are concerned with issues related to advocating for users and meeting their needs within an organizational and societal context through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies. The discipline requires a reasonable understanding of the broad range of applications of programming, networking, human computer interaction, databases and web system technologies to meet the needs of the users within a collective and organizational context.

Skills Development

Computer Network Analysis and Design
Mobile Computing
Database Administration
Systems Administration and Maintenance
Embedded Systems Development
Systems Control and Assurance
Information Security Strategies
Technology Application Integration
Intelligent Systems Deployment
Web Technology Solution Deployment

Curricular Requirement (Course Units Distribution)

Level Course Classification First Semester Second Semester Summer
First Year General Education 14 Units 14 Units
Professional Education 10 Units 9 Units
Institutional Requirements 4 Units 3 units
Second Year General Education 11 units  11 units
Professional Education 12 Units 12 Units
Institutional Requirements 3 Units 3 Units
Third Year General Education
Professional Education 24 Units 20 Units 2 Units
Institutional Requirements
Fourth Year General Education  
Professional Education 17 Units 6 Units
Institutional Requirements 1 Unit

Work Opportunities

Application Developer
Mobile Application Developer
Cyber Security Specialist
Network Architecture Engineer
Database Administrator
Software Engineer
Embedded Systems Developer
System Control and Assurance Officer
IT Services Specialist
Web Developer

Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Details

How much do I pay per semester (approximate) ?
A regular load per semester will cost approximately P30,000 – 35, 000
How to enrol?
Enrolment is facilitated online using the URL :
Program Entry Requirements?
Document requirements are as follows :
o High School Report Card
o Certificate of Good Moral Character
o NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate (Original and Photocopies)
o SDPC Entrance Examination Result
o 4 pieces 2×2 ID Picture
o Certification of Academic Performance (for those who will apply for academic scholarships)
Where to call ?
Queries are accommodated using (034) 433-24-49 local 181 or (034) 433-25-99.

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