Bachelor of Science in Social Work (Since 1970)

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Social Work is a program designed to produce future globally – competitive Social Work professionals who are imbued with Catholic Christian values and are committed to develop and empower their clientele towards social transformation and total development. The program utilizes a generalist approach in which they get to learn the primary and secondary methods of social work practice, guided by the theoretical and philosophical bases of the profession.

Skills Development

Casework practice
Group work practice
Community Organization
Program Management and Administration
Social Work Supervision
Social Research
Awareness of Social Legislation
Advocacy and Leadership Skills

Curricular Requirement (Course Units Distribution)

Level Course Classification First Semester Second Semester Summer
First Year General Education 17 Units 11 Units
Professional Education 3 Units 9 Units
Institutional Requirements 4 Units 3 Units
Second Year General Education 8 Units 8 Units
Professional Education 15 Units 12 Units
Institutional Requirements 3 Units 3 Units
Third Year General Education 7 Units 3 Units 9 units
Professional Education 15 Units 12 Units
Institutional Requirements
Fourth Year General Education 0 Unit
Professional Education 12 Units 15 Units
Institutional Requirements 1 Unit

Work Opportunities

-Registered Social Workers can work in the Social Welfare Offices of the government at all levels, or they can be employed in the following setting as well:
-in the Academe teaching social work profession or as head of Community Outreach programs
-in Hospitals as Medical Social Workers
-in Courts
-in Non Government Organizations
-in industries as head of Corporate Social Responsibility division
-in Rehabilitation Centers
-in Support and Advocacy Groups

Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Details

How much do I pay per semester (approximate)? How to enroll? Program Entry Requirements?

*Approx. 20,000 – 25, 000.00

* For the steps for online enrollment, you may visit the official website of UNO-Recoletos:

*Program Entry Requirements:

  • Student Information System Form (from the Registrar)
  • Receipt of payment for enrollment
  • 2 pcs 2X2 picture (white background)
  • Photocopy of report card
  • Entrance examination result
  • Interview with the Program Head (online or on-site

Where to call?

433-2449 local 158 or


Who to call?

Richelle H. Verdeprado, RSW, MSW, Ph.D.

Head, Social Work Program

Social Media Details

Official Facebook Page:

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