Bachelor of Science in Agriculture


The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Major in Animal Science and Crop Science program prepares the students to be equipped with life skills, technical and conceptual frameworks needed as AgriEntrepreneurs/Intrapreneurs, Agribusiness Management Trainees, Agri-technical, and Business Staff. It focuses on carrying out the science, art, ethics, management, and entrepreneurial business in the production, processing, and marketing of plants and animals utilized for food, fiber, recreation, biomedicine, industrial, and other purposes within the context integrated and sustainable agriculture resources system.


Skills Development

The BS Agriculture curriculum covers a balanced treatment of functional Technical and Managerial skills from first year to fourth year. Specialized Agri-technology and Agriscience tracks are offered during the first year and second year of the program while third year and fourth year broadens the students’ skills in office productivity tools, entrepreneurship and management, information system management, business analysis and design, project management, business presentation skills, team work and leadership, business/market analysis, and industry.
The program design is a ladderized which ensures that the learner acquires multiple skills at multiple levels to enhance his employability, which constitutes four (4) essential characteristics, namely: (1) entry to work; (2) flexibility at work; (3) opportunity for permanency; and (4) ascent in the hierarchy of the industry.


Curricular Requirement (Course Units Distribution)

Level Course Classification First Semester Second Semester Summer
First Year General Education 9 Units 3 Units
Professional Education 7 Units 13 Units
On the Job Training 1 3 Units
CHED Mandatory (Physical Education 1&2, NSTP 1&2) 5 Units 5 Units
Institutional Requirements 4 Units
Second Year General Education 3 Units 3 Units
Professional Education 13 Units 15 Units
On the Job Training 2  
CHED Mandatory (Physical Education 3&4) 5 Units 2 Units
Institutional Requirements 3 Units 3 Units
Third Year General Education 6 Units 3 Units
Professional Education 12 Units 12 Units
On the Job Training 3 3 Units
Fourth Year Business Administration Education 6 Unit 6 Units
Professional Education 17 Units 21 Units


Work Opportunities

  • Technical Sales Representative, Feeds, Fertilizers, Agrochemicals, Veterinary Drugs and Nutrachemicals
  • Sales and Marketing Representative
  • Farm Manager
    • Piggery
    • Poultry Broiler
    • Chicken Layer Farm
    • Sugar cane Farm
    • Vegetables Farm and High Valued Crop
    • Dairy Farm
  • Project Manager for Community Agricultural Based Projects
  • Agricultural Technologists
  • Assistant/Researcher
  • Farm Operations Supervisor
  • Angri-entrepreneur
  • Swine Artificial Insemination Technician
  • Swine Breeding Technician3
  • Organic Agricultural Products Retailer/ Supplier
  • Agri- Entrepreneurs/Inta Preneurs
  • Agribusiness management Trainees
  • Agri-Technical and Business Staff
  • Agricultural Production Specialist


Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Details

  1. Is there an entrance exam for UNO-Recoletos Agriculture Programmes?
    Answer: Yes, there is an admission test for all entrants. UNO-Recoletos, through the office of Student Development and Placement Center, administers the entrance or admission examination.
    Please refer to the Admission Schedule
  2. When is the best time to visit campus?
    It’s always a great day to be on campus from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 in the afternoon!
    The School of Agriculture also invites you to visit instead of face-to-face visitation due to the pandemic. You will experience how the virtual agriculture classroom is all about. Browse our partner farms and success stories of agrecoletos farming education.
  3. Are there UNO-Recoletos Agriculture-specific scholarships available?
    Answer: Yes. There is a UNO-R agriculture-specific program available for deserving students. Kindly refer to the UNO-Recoletos Scholarship Office and look for Ms. Cathy or Ms. Sarah Jane for more details on qualifying such scholarships.
    You may apply for the TESDA Abot Lahat Scholarship program for Business Agriculture Technology Diploma program. Please go to the Office of Dr. Nena O. SAmillano for your queries. Visit and search link to UNO-R scholarship office.
  4. How do I add or drop a class after I’ve registered?
    Answer: Kindly Send a message to your department head assigned to your program. She will attend to your concerns immediately but make sure you have your student copy, Student Identification card, and enrollment payment slip as reference for enrollment/registration transaction.
  5. Where can I find the list of courses offered for this semester and in the future?
    Answer: You may visit and go to academics and click College of Arts and Sciences. Click agriculture curriculum. You send your concern to FB messenger or agrecoletos
  6. How do I find my academic adviser? Is there one adviser available to attend our school needs?
    The Program Head is your academic adviser. She/He will lead you to a specific school officer to attend to your particular concerns—messenger for your queries.
  7. How much is the estimated cost per semester?
    (Accounting Office will answer this question)
  8. Where can I find a list of all courses offered in a current or future term?
    Answer: Visit click Academics and click College of Arts and Sciences, Agriculture Program Curriculum
  9. Who to call?
    Dept head of Agriculture: local 203

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