Psychological Testing Begins

The Student Development and Placement Center conducts Psychological Testing for the College Freshmen and Transferee Students of the University has started last July 28, 2018 the first batch came from the CBA , COED, and CCJE.    

SDPC invites HRMDO Associate Director

  The SDPC invited the University HRMDO associate Director Dr. Carmenda S. Leonoras to give a short talk last July 30, 2018 to the SDPC counselors. In her talk she put emphasis on professionalism inside and outside the campus and the conduct of becoming a professional counselor.

SDPC welcomes a new member in the FAMILY

As the need arises for a new Guidance Counselor the Student Development and Placement Center welcomed the newest member of the family Ms. Ma. Karla S. Diamante. The SDPC Director, Ms. Chris Tajonera formally introduced her last July 2018 to the Dean of the College of Business and Accountancy Dr. Jelyn S. Gaspillo and to […]


A total of 928 students joined the Freshmen Assembly last June 23 at the University Gymnasium.  The participants rated the activity “very good” and it lasted for 3 hours with invited speakers namely Mr. Dexter Dioso, the Director of Student Affairs, Ms. Pallas Athena Joy De Paula, one of the School Nurses, Ms. Ma. Luisa […]

JHS Human Sexuality

One hundred seventy-six (176) Grade 9 students together with the Pamilya Rekoleto parents attended the Seminar on Human Sexuality last February 20 at the University Little Theater. The speakers were Ms. Geraldine Apolinario, Mr. Japheth Jingco, RN, MN, Ms. Diwani Duropan, MAEd, RGC, Llb, and Rev. Fr. Abraham Latoza, OAR.  They shared the psycho-social, moral-spiritual, […]


The Job Quest 2018 was participated by 21 local and national companies and 142 soon-to-be graduates.  It started with a welcome message from Rev. Fr. Don Besana, OAR at around 8:30 in the morning and it lasted at 12:00 noon.   

Values Clarification Seminar

The Elementary SDPC conducted the Values Clarification Seminar for the pupils of Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 at the University Little Theater last November 13, 2017.  The seminar has its theme namely “UNO-Rians choose to be a buddy than a bully” for the Grades 3 and 4 pupils and “The Access and Excess Generation” […]

Learn, Love, Live

The Gender Sensitivity Seminar with the title “Learn, Love, Live,” was conducted last November 24, 2017 to the third year college students.  This seminar came up with the objective of promoting sensitivity in the realms of life in order to learn, love and live with good social interactions and healthy dispositions. Before the start of […]


Ms. Diwani Duropan, one of the College counselors, was invited to be the resource person at Riverside College last September 22, 2017.  She was tasked to discuss the topics on personality development of the new generation.  She focused her talk on the identities of each generation specifically the millenials and centennials of today.   On […]

Elementary SDPC Highlights

The Elementary SDPC initiated the Survey on Favorites as recommended by the PAASCU last September.   Based from the results of the survey, 16 teachers were hailed by the pupils as their favorite.  Last Oct. 5, the teachers were given tokens of appreciation by the SDPC Counselors. The Leadership Training entitled “Beatitudes for Leadership” for the […]

Study Now and Get Paid Later

A total of 95 participants joined the Study Habits Seminar last Aug. 18, 2017 at the Little Theater, having Ms. Diwani Duropan, MAEd, RGC, LLB as the resource speaker.  She stressed in her talk the importance of finishing a college degree in order to outstand economic struggles and unstable life.  The seminar gained a rating […]

1st SDPC Fair

Last August 16, 2017, the Student Development and Placement Center held the first SDPC Fair to showcase the Guidance Services.  The activity highlighted the testing, information, and counseling services.  All members of the UNO-Recoletos community were welcomed and catered. The SDPC counselors were able to reach their goal in making the Guidance Services visible to […]

Freshmen Orientation 2017

Last June 23, 2017, the College SDPC conducted an orientation for all the first year and transfer students of the university.  A total of 137 newbies attended the welcoming program.  the program started with a dance number and the Director of Student Affairs, Mr. Dexter Dioso, gave an opening remarks and a talk about student welfare […]

Year 2 of SDPC Counselors Joining the INSET 2017

The Quality Assurance Office invited the two counselors namely Mr. Lino Sumbillo Jr. and Ms. Diwani Duropan last May 22 and 23 as resource persons to talk about Classroom Discipline, Absenteeism and Motivational Skills and Personality Development for Teachers respectively. The two seminar-workshops were held at the President’s Hall and were attended by group of […]

CISD for Emergency Responders

Mr. Lino Sumbillo Jr. was invited by the Amity Volunteers Fire Brigade last April 26, 2017 to talk about Critical Incident Stress Debriefing  for emergency responders.  There were a total of 25 Amity volunteers who participated in the said activity.  The talk lasted for 3 hours, started with snacks prepared by the facilitators and ended […]

Benchmarking for SDPC In-Service Training 2017

Last April 27 and 28, 2017, the SDPC Counselors had their benchmarking and visit to the Guidance Offices of 4 different schools in Dumaguete City namely, Silliman University, Foundation University, Negros Oriental State University and St. Paul’s University. The positive encounter with other counselors helped the Recoletos Counselors to evaluate their existing programs and consider […]

Self-Esteem Development Seminar

Last January 12, 2017, the Juinor High SDPC spearheaded a seminar entitled “Confidence from Within” for Grade 8 students at the President’s Corporate Hall regarding Self-Esteem.  The speaker, Ms. Maria Teresa Olvido, a fourth year Psychology student was tasked to discuss some issues regarding self-esteem and at the same time emphasized how to develop such. […]

Job Quest 2k17

Twenty-four companies  joined in the Job Fair conducted by the College SDPC and a total of 109 graduating students participated.  Two representatives from the Department of Labor and Employment were present to support the said activity.  

#CareerGoals 2017

The College SDPC has completed the recommended seminars of PAASCU for the higher years last February 17.  Mr. Mark Garcelan, the Placement Specialist, discussed about the expectations of the world of work from the graduates of the university, the job opportunities which await them and likewise the job alternatives.  For the mock interview, Mr. Alain […]

Gender Sensitivity 2016

Gender Sensitivity 2016

Gender Sensitivity Seminar was conducted for the 3rd Year College Students last Nov. 25, 2016.  A rating of 4.42 with “excellent” as a remark was noted from the participants’ evaluation about the activity.  Mr.  Lino Sumbillo Jr.  was the main speaker of the seminar who discussed biblical ideas about gender.

Appreciating the YOUnique Youth

Appreciating the YOUnique Youth

Last Nov. 18, 2016, the College SDPC held a Personality Development Seminar for the 2nd year students.  The resource speaker in the person of Ms. Diwani focused her talk about the DISC personality types proposed by a Filipino author.  The entire activity was given a rating of 4.69, excellent.         

Basic Education SDPC Mid-year Program Assessment

The Elementary and High School SDP Centers together with Fr. Ronel Gealon, OAR had their Mid-Year Assessment last Nov. 30, 2016 at Bocana, Ilog.  This activity was made for the counselors to assess their programs, encourage proper coordination and provide a breather for all as the transition in high school took place.

SDPC Counselors at Guidance Counselor’s Convention

The Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association held a two-day seminar with a theme “#PGCA:  Counseling Practices for Global Competitiveness” last October 21 and 22 at City Sports Club, Cebu City.  The SDPC counselors, Ms. Diwani Duropan, Ms. Chris Tajonera, Ms. Eden Galve and Ms. Geraldine Apolinario participated in the said convention and divided themselves during […]

SDPC Counselors in Action

The School Year 2016-2017 has started and activities designed for the students lined up as well.  Along with such activities came an opportunity for some counselors to be taken as resource persons for special trainings.  The College of Education in the person of Mr. Remus Magbanua, in-charge of the internship program of the 4th Year […]

FAD 2016

The few number of first year and transfer students did not stop the university from welcoming them as new members of the UNO-Rian community.  June 24, 2016 marked their official entry in the university as Freshmen Assembly Day was made to happen.  Students enrolled in 9 sections of Homgui 1AO class were requested to stay […]

SDPC joins the INSET 2016

Last May 24, 25 and 26, 2016, the Vice President for Academics spearheaded the In-Service Training for all the faculty members and did tap the SDP Center to talk about the Basics of Counseling Techniques and Handling Crisis Inside the Classroom where Bullying was dealt seriously. Mr. Lino Sumbillo Jr., Ms. Ma. Wilma Maravilla and […]

Psychological First Aid & CISD

The SDPC Counselors who are enrolled in the PhD program of the university have found a way to integrate their knowledge about psychology.  Mr. Lino Z. Sumbillo Jr., together with Dr. Marissa Plantinos, Dr. Evangeline Caper of the Recoletos de Bacolod Graduate School and the students of PhD in Psychology, served as the resource person […]

Counseling Techniques

Ms. Diwani F. Duropan held her seminar on Counseling Techniques last September 16, 2016 at the College SDPC Conference/Testing Room to 42 Psychology Interns.  This activity aimed to supplement the students’ learning in preparation for their practicum demands.      

Studying at its Best!

Studying at its Best!

Last August 12, 2016, there were 123 (31%) students who attended the Study Habits Seminar at the University Auditorium.  This year’s seminar entitled “Studying at Its Best” was given a rating of 4.53 which is interpreted as excellent. The resource speaker, in the person of Miss Chris Feli Joy P. Tajonera, focused on some facts […]

Appreciating the Art of Learning the Fun Way

Appreciating the Art of Learning the Fun Way

A Seminar on Study Habits was given to the 347 first year students last August 10, 2015. The SDP Center invited those who are enrolled in Homgui Classes especially those who are free during the scheduled time. Sir Fritz, the resource speaker, made an impact to the participants by giving inputs and sharing insights on […]

Survey on the Effectiveness of the UNO-R Information Campaign

Survey on the Effectiveness of the UNO-R Information Campaign

To assess how effective the information campaign done by the university, the College SDPC conducted a survey to the 1, 025 first year students enrolled this school year. Out of the total respondents, 80 % said that they knew about UNO-R because of family and relatives, 56 % said it is because of the information […]



total of 1, 406 students joined the Freshmen Assembly Day last June 25, 2015. The new members of the UNO- Recoletos community were welcomed with loud cheer for the school new year by the new set of administrators. Parade of Colleges marked the start of the program and the College Deans’ presentation of the Freshman […]

Rekoleto Counselors in Progress

Rekoleto Counselors in Progress

As part of the Information Service of the College SDPC, SDPC counselors regularly meet for the In-Service Training, where seminars are echoed, new skills are introduced and up- dates are discussed. For this year, the training focused on Counseling Issues. The topics were Techniques in Counseling, Coaching, Positive Discipline, Counseling Sons and Daugh- ters of […]

2015 Outreach Activity

2015 Outreach Activity

Last March 27, 2015, the Student Development & Placement Center had a feeding program at Brgy. 30, Bacolod City. The Center has reached out to almost 60 children with ages 13 and below. While food is being served, the counselors took time talking to the children about their life and their studies.  

Power Up to Be on Top

Power Up to Be on Top

Last February 18, 2015, the College SDP Center held a seminar for the graduating students at the President’s Corporate Hall. Power Up to Be on Top: Job-Search Seminar was made to prepare the graduating students in the field of work. In the first part of the program, Mr. Lino Sumbillo Jr. spoke about interview skills and […]

Consciousness Begets Kindness

Consciousness Begets Kindness

Unlike the previous seminar which tackled gender issues and human sexuality, this school year’s seminar on Gender Sensitivity dealt with the underlying concerns of the students which are deeply rooted on their individual gender differences. The Center believes that if a student, whether a male or a female is conscious of his or her actions, […]

Get Yourself Going When the Going Gets Tough

Get Yourself Going When the Going Gets Tough

The Personality Development Seminar which is intended for the second year college students paved awareness on how to be assertive, confident, and competent in handling oneself. The result of the problem checklist indicated a concern regarding finances, such was also included in the seminar. Ms. Marienette Tuna was the resource speak-er and she shared topics […]

STUDYING IS A COMMITMENT: A Seminar on Study Habits

To address the issue on lack of study habits of the first year students, the College SDPC held a seminar on study habits and tapped Sir Mark to be the speaker. The seminar focused on the tips to get better grades, note taking skills, learning styles and studying as a commitment. Due to time constraint […]

Staying Effective Beyond Limits

Staying Effective Beyond Limits

To leave a mark in the lives of the students seems to be difficult however, the SDPC counselors are tasked to respond to that while the students are here in school. It is a blessing in disguise then that there is someone who can be of help to the College Guidance Office in the presence […]