Placement Service—designed to assist learners in finding their right placement in academic groups, co-curricular organizations, career and job.

JOB QUEST is conducted by the placement service for the graduating students to find part-time and full-time jobs.

PLACEMENT BULLETIN is used to post job advertisements or cater employers looking for the right fit applicant.

Information Service—designed to make available to clients certain kinds of information not ordinarily provided through instructional program to guide them in making intelligent vocational/educational choice as well as in adjusting to personal/social situations.

SEMINARS regarding study habits, gender sensitivity, personality development and job search are facilitated for students’ development.

BULLETIN DISPLAYS are updated every month to provide add-on knowledge to clients.


Counseling Service—designed to help students cope with life and life’s difficulties by dealing with their specific concerns and planning strategies to address them.

GROUP SESSION is conducted in HomGui 1AO classes to help freshmen students adjust in college life.

Individual Inventory Service—designed to gather all reliable data, information and records, and to assemble and compile these materials for their functional use.

SURVEY FORMS are given to students in order to come up with a valid study regarding a particular concern.

TESTING is conducted for students to help them  understand themselves better.


Follow-up Service—concerned with what happens to clients while in school or after they have left school.

EXIT INTERVIEW is done to verify students’ concerns during their stay in the university.

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