UNO-R SDPC: A Historical Perspective

The Guidance Program of the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos started in 1955 upon the realization of the Occidental Negros Institute (ONI) administration of the need of guidance services in a school where the population was fast growing and heterogeneous in nature.

The establishment of the program was based on guidance principles matched with the main thrust of the administration.

The year of its organization started with the appointment of the Guidance Coordinator who was instrumental in the planning of the program. The emphasis then was the group guidance classes that provided a “school home” for students. It marked the birth of the Student Personnel Services.

The second year (1956-57) marked the development of the record system, the acquisition of the standardized tests for use in guidance, the procurement of guidance and counseling books in the library and the provision for extra-curricular activities like organization of student clubs for women and orientation programs for freshmen. Counseling service also started in school this year.

The third year (1957-58) ushered the acquisition of better facilities such as filing cabinets for records and bigger counseling rooms. The information and testing services were organized and in-service training for advisers and group guidance classes for boys were conducted. To augment the staff, a full time counselor and a part-time counselor were hired. It was on May 15, 1957 that the Occidental Negros Institute was given authority to use the name University of Negros Occidental ( UNO ) by Acting Secretary of Education Martin V. Aguilar, Jr. With the raising of the former institute to a University, UNO – still remembered by the public as the ONI – became the first and only University in the province.

In 1958, group guidance classes were organized in the elementary level. A new guidance service, the Placement Service, was created. A full time college counselor was taken in to take charge of the service.

In June of 1962 UNO became the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos ( UNO-R ) when it came under the Recollect Fathers. Guidance programs and activities were reorganized in response to the University’s mission statement, which was to “uphold quality Christian education.”

Twenty one years after (1983), with the approval of the University President, the name Student Personnel Services was changed to College Guidance Center. Guidance Program for three levels namely: Grade School, High School and College became centralized. Guidance programs and activities were under the supervision of the Guidance Director. It was during this year that the Counselor/Specialist Model (Mitchell & Gibson, 1980) was adopted.

In 2001, the Secretariat of Educational Apostolate of the Philippines (SEAP), now changed to Recoletos Educational Apostolate in the Philippines (REAP) decided to change the name of all guidance offices in all Recoletos schools in the Philippines to Student Development and Placement Center.

Today, the Student Development and Placement Center of UNO-R, using the counselor/specialist model of Mitchelle and Gibson (1980) and patterned to the American School Counselors Association (ASCA) school guidance program offers 5 development services to answer the needs of UNO-R community. Development programs and activities are centralized and periodic evaluations are conducted for curriculum development.

The present Student Development and Placement Center staff acknowledges the works of the counselors before them. Credit is given to those who have made the Center what it is now. The Center is presently headed by its director Mr. Lino Sumbillo Jr., MAEd, RGC.

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