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Guidance services with integrity

A functional and visible Student Development and Placement Center operating in the spirit of cooperative enterprise.

Mission Statement
The Student Development and Placement Center affirms its role in supporting the University in its quest for academic excellence by providing quality service in the spirit of cooperative enterprise through competent client-oriented counselors, utilizing the five development services of the Center, namely: Placement, Individual Inventory, Counseling, Information and Follow-up.

General Objective
To assist every UNO-Rian attain better understanding and acceptance of oneself and others; thus, enabling him to make realistic choices, achieve self-direction and become a productive and contributing professional of the society.

Specific Objective
• Assist every UNO-Rian in finding his appropriate place in the academic and occupational fields
• Assist students in utilizing inventory data for self-awareness, acceptance and development of potentials.
• Equip students with knowledge and skills in creatively managing and resolving educational and adjustment problems
• Provide students with personal, social and occupational information and activities to complement their educational experiences.
• Assist students who need follow-up in their learning and decision making process.

SDPC Commitment

  • In our endeavors, we shall be guided primarily by the basic principle imbibed in our university’s mission statement.


  • We shall uphold and maintain at all times high standards of professional ethics.


  • We shall provide a quality service within standards acceptable to the profession we are in.


  • We shall distinguish ourselves through the creation of a client-centered service culture for our students.


  • We shall offer the widest possible range of guidance services that are responsive to our clients’ need and to adopt objective attitudes toward change and innovation ever mindful of improving service quality and operating efficiency.


  • We shall remain steadfast in our commitment to enhance the productivity of our resources.


  • We shall fulfill with dedication and commitment our social responsibilities


  • We shall measure our success through the satisfaction of our clients, the achievements of clear service standards and quality of our teamwork.

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