The UNO-R Registrar’s Office tasks and responsibilities are categorized into the following six major areas:


  • Assists in the formulation, evaluation, revision, and/or enforcement of the policies of the institution;
  • Enforces government and school regulations on admission requirements, students’ enrolment, crediting, transfer, promotions, subject load and sequence, and graduation;
  • Prepares and distributes the school calendar every academic year; and,
  • Maintains database for all courses and updates the academic data of students.



  • Sets up and gathers enrollment data through the information and Communication Technology Department office;
  • Encodes registration of freshmen, new students, and transferees and receives school credentials from Basic education to Graduate School students;
  • Processes withdrawals and cancellation of enrolment; and,
  • Prepares and distributes enrollment reports and statistics to administrators.



  • Creates, updates, maintains, and releases the academic records of students;
  • Issues certifications, grades, transfer credentials, transcript of records, and diplomas;
  • Processes petitions for correction of personal data in school records as indicated in the NSO certificate of live birth; and,
  • Verifies and authenticates documents released by the Office.



  • Evaluates students’ academic records in accordance with approved curricula to determine graduation from the program;
  • Prepares list of graduating students and commencement program;
  • Submits the list of graduates to CHED;
  • Submits the Notarized List of Graduates who are probable examinees for licensure/board examination to PRC;
  • Recommends high school students for graduation;
  • Prepares alumni certificates provided by the Alumni Office for commencement exercise; and,
  • Keeps the department banners except those of the university and basic education to be used during the graduation day.



  • Prepares the schedule of examinations for general education courses based on the faculty teaching load from day 3 to 5 of the examination days; and,
  • Prepares and distributes the schedules of examination and proctorship.

Note: In case of conflict in the examination schedule, the student is advised to arrange the schedule with the concerned faculty.



  • Generates and distributes the official grade sheets to faculty members through the dean’s office;
  • Receives and submits to Management Information Systems (MIS) accomplished grade sheets accomplished by the faculty;
  • Generates Grade Report Card of college to graduate students;
  • Effects approved correction/completion of grade; and,
  • Receives and distributes Form 138 of Basic education students.