Instructional Media Center

Instructional Media Center

The IMC is an integral support of the teaching-learning enterprise that serves the instructional needs of the students and teachers of UNO-R.


Audio / Video Recording
Allows original recording or copying from disc to disc or tape to disc on selected videos and sounds recording relevant to lesson objectives.

Materials Selection and Evaluation
Assistance is extended on the selection and evaluation of AV materials for educational media needs.

Equipment Maintenance and Repair
IMC sees to it that all AV equipment serviced to the different AV Rooms are regularly maintained by well-trained staff.

Hardware-assisted Operation
IMC staff is ready at hand to assist and train faculty on actual operation of AV equipment / hardware for
instructional use.

Video coverage on important school activities held within the University Campus may be provided upon request.

Loan Service
Faculty may avail of the vast collection of AV materials for use in the classroom as teaching-learning aids.

Projection / Viewing Service
Facilitates physical access to five AV Rooms for
utilization of AV instructional materials such as DVD, overhead transparencies, slides, filmstrips, video
recordings, etc.


Audio Video Room – Engineering
A room adjacent to the College of Engineering Office which can house around 100 audiences, serves the function of lecture, film viewing, programs and seminars.

Dubbing Room
A room solely used for audio/video dubbing and editing of educational materials, located within the Little Theater adjacent to the equipment room.

Fr. Cuenca Hall
An air-conditioned room which can accommodate 60 people, used for projection, seminars, conferences and programs. It is situated at the ground floor of St. Augustine building adjacent to
the Oratory of St. Nicholas de Tolentino.

Little Theater
An air-conditioned room situated at the ground floor of the Administration Building adjacent to the College of Criminology Office. It is intended for projection, seminars, conferences and programs with a seating capacity of 218.

Speech Laboratory
An air-conditioned room, located at the 3rd floor of the Administration Building beside the Physics Laboratory. It is intended primarily for speech communication classes with a seating capacity of fifty 50 with individual tables and chairs.

The Instructional Media Center is located at the far right side of the UNO-R Administration Building.

Wi-fi Access


Ask your librarian for the Security Code.

E-book Corner


Browse and read e-books and other online information sources using an Amazon Kindle Fire E-book Reader. Check it out at the E-book Corner near the charging counter of the Business Library.

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IMC Hours

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