The Mechanical Engineering Department aims to train students in the field of mechanical engineering with the idea of molding them to be technically-proficient and intellectually-cultured professionals and protégés of mechanical engineering, and, at the same time, nurture them in the areas of corporeality, spirituality, morality, sociality and culture with Christian principles  making them spiritually-sound, morally healthy, physically-healthy, culturally-conscious, and socially-concerned individuals.   Specific Objectives  
  1. Academic
  • provide the students with a comprehensive curriculum and quality instructions that will make them skillful in analysis, synthesis, and communication of principles in a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering;
  • prepare the students with the basic knowledge in mechanical engineering for their entry in industry, taking of government’s licensure examination and, or, pursuing of graduate studies;
  • give the students the appreciation that the science of mechanical engineering is a part of the creation of GOD thus encouraging them to follow CHRIST in the practice of profession while making Mary the model of obedience to GOD; and
  • furnish the students with issues in mechanical engineering that will transform them to be pro-GOD in their decisions.
  • Non-Academic
  • promote and support students’ activities, which aim to enhance their awareness of our desirable Filipino cultural heritage, and encouraging them to be nationalistic by the continuance of such heritage and help them to make use of the heritage to the church;
  • develop in the students a sense of pride of our cultural heritage through their exposure to cultural presentation and activities; and
  • promote and support recreational activities such as sports to encourage the students to be physically fit with emphasis that they need this for the success in their profession and their bodies are temples of HOLY SPIRIT.
  • Outreach
  • develop students’ humane nature, which is concerned with the building up of mutual relationship that will result in a loving, welcoming, supportive, challenging community.
  • Research
  • develop students’ capability towards designing in any field of mechanical engineering and guide them to develop a prototype of their design; and
  • develop students’ ability to apply what they learned in theory to actual and practical uses for the benefit man without sacrificing nature; and
  • train students to conduct research and experimentation in the field of mechanical engineering with the primary objective that it be beneficial to life, and to encourage them utilize any available equipment for their research.