In line with the Mission and Vision of the University, the Electronics Engineering Department would like to provide its students with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed in the profession.  Along side with it, the department aims as well to instill to the students the Christian faith, values and charism they should posses as part of the society.   Specific Objectives
  1. Academic
-offer the students with the building blocks of a liberal education and make their minds critical for various and complex situations; and lay down to the students the foundation of Electronics and Communication Engineering where they could get hold of their own potentials, improve on their  areas of specialization by providing them with adequate theories and principles of the field as well as with those based on experiences, through a program of balanced instructions and research in both basic, professional practical and allied courses and subjects
  1. Non-Academics
-produce engineers who possess the Christian faith and values in the exercise of their profession making them responsible members of the society and generous their services to the community
  • Outreach
-develop engineers who are concerned with their social responsibilities along with their profession in extending community service.
  1. Research
-develop students who are of the values and importance of research in addressing various phenomena in the sciences and society while providing them with adequate training and support in every research activity.