The Electrical Engineering Department aims to educate the students in the fundamentals of electrical engineering within the framework of making them technically-proficient and intellectually-cultures professionals and protégés of electrical engineering and at the same time, having them imbued with religious, moral, social, cultural and physical health principles that will enable them to become and keep them on being spiritually-sound, morally-strong, socially concerned, culturally-conscious, and physically-healthy individuals.       Specific Objectives  
  1. Academic
  • provide the students a comprehensive curricula and quality instructions that will develop their sense for and skills in electrical engineering analysis and design;
  • provide the students a knowledge base in electrical engineering of sufficient breadth and depth to allow them immediate entry into the industry, qualify them for graduate or advanced studies, and enable them to conduct and meet the demands of research works;
  1. Non-Academic
  • encourage students to develop professionally by having them institute an active and strong student organization affiliated with local and national professional organization of electrical engineers; and
  • motivate students to organize or join existing associations established for the pursuit of activities designed for the enhancement of their social spiritual, moral, cultural, and physical growth and development.
  1. Outreach
  • create for the students a socially sensitive atmosphere that encourages effective interaction in the social upliftment of the marginalized areas of the society.
  1. Research
  • provide its graduates continuing support for continued professional development by making available to them its laboratory facilities and the technical expertise of its faculty and staff; and
  • develop them into intellectually-cultured individuals with a strong sense of involvement in the application of the principles of electrical engineering in formulating solutions to some problems that beset the community.