The Program aims to produce:
  1. patriotic, Service-oriented, Christ-centered, Marian-inspired, public safety and social defense officers;
  1. professionally proficient and technically competent Criminologists, specifically in the fields of Police Administration and Management, Criminalistics, Crime Prevention and Investigation, Fire Prevention, Suppression and Control; and social defense;
  1. compassionate, morally upright, just, responsible correction officers who are well versed in rehabilitation, reformation, and transformation of inmates;
  1. physically fit criminologists through rigorous exercise in self-defense tactics, swimming and water safety, combat shooting, and in defensive – offensive driving;
  1. culturally conscious criminologists through active involvement in programs and projects that preserve the national heritage;
  1. socially conscious Criminologists actively participating in the outreach projects in the public safety and social defense of the University, other government agencies and private associations; and
  2. criminologists who continuously seek advancement in scientific and technical innovations in the fields of Public Safety and Social Defense.