The Department of Civil Engineering aims to provide an Augustinian-Recollect style of education in producing Civil Engineers who possess strength of character and technical competence through a balanced and responsive curricula, effective instruction and practical and relevant research program in order to address the needs and demands of the nation and the global community and to uphold the university’s evangelizing mission.   Specific Objectives:  
  1. Academic
  • provide students with adequate knowledge and practical skills in civil engineering in preparation for the board examinations and in the pursuit of advanced studies;
  • train students’ skills in problem solving, critical analysis, decision making and effective communication; and
  • engage students in the practice of adaptive and innovative design approach through the proficient use of relevant computer technology.
  1. Non-Academic
  • promote in students the awareness that the civil engineering profession is a manifestation of God’s creating nature;
  • develop in students an awareness of the richness of the Filipino culture and traditions; and
  • develop in students an appreciation of the university’s tradition and evangelizing mission; and
  • inculcate in students the spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and competitiveness through sports and recreational programs.
  1. Outreach
  • promote in students the social responsibility accompanying the practice of civil engineering; and
  • develop in students the culture of volunteerism by engaging in community service and outreach programs.
  1. Research
  • imbibe in the students the value and importance of research in addressing societal problems;
  • provide the students adequate training and background to the conduct of research; and
provide students adequate facilities and logistics support in every research activity.