The Department of Chemical Engineering aims to provide a holistic education that will produce chemical engineers who are technically competent in their specialized field in order to anticipate and meet the needs of the region, the country, and the global community, through a balanced program of instruction and research; and who are spiritually strong and committed in their faith in order to share the Catholic teaching and tradition, and the life of Christ and His Gospel.   Specific Objectives
  1. Academic
  • prepare students to seek professional careers in chemical engineering or to continue with graduate studiestrain students to develop skills in problem solving, creativethinking, divergent thinking and critical evaluation;
  • develop proficiency in the use of computer and software packages for chemical engineering problems;
  • engage students in the training and practice of oral and written communication skills to express their ideas;
  • train students to work successfully in a team environment;
  • promote the awareness of their professional and ethical responsibilities as chemical engineers;
  • provide education for decision-making in the light of the Gospel; and
  • teach God’s truth in every area and to help students to see all truth as from God.
  1. Non-academic
  • develop an awareness of, and pride in, Filipino’s diverse cultural heritage;
  • develop an awareness of, and pride in, UNO-Rian’s spirit and traditions;
  • develop programs that will encourage appreciation of, and maintain sports and recreational program that will encourage participation and enjoyment of the students.
  1. Outreach
  • promote social awareness in all aspects of school life;
  • develop awareness on the environmental and economic consequences and the impact of their work to the society as chemical engineers;
  • provide opportunity for community involvement by undertaking community service projects especially in water resources development, waste disposal, infrastructure and rural electrification; and
  • train students who are capable of providing technical assistance in community livelihood projects such as food processing and recycling through seminars and workshops.
  • Research
  • develop students who are capable of designing and conducting experiments based on science and engineering principles with an accompanying ability to analyze and interpret data; and
  • train students to conduct research in any chosen field of chemical engineering